Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's time to lend a hand

As you succeed beyond your wildest dreams so you inspire others. As you inspire others so we touch more hearts and change more lives every day.
America is facing an obesity crisis even greater than our own. 204 million adults and more than 12 million children are suffering the misery and ill health that excess weight brings.
Until we can reach them, American people will not realise there is a way to take control and transform their lives – for good.
We’ve bottled everything we’ve learnt in the last 43 years to create a very special online service for the USA. Now, thanks to slimmingworldusa.com we have the potential to reach millions of people who desperately need our help.

They’re counting on us – on you and me.
A change can only come when we stand together as one. Together we can do it!
A special offer for friends in the USA - 4 months’ membership for just $40! Saving a massive $100! * joining offer ends Oct 31 2012

I can speak from first hand experience how fabulous the Slimming World Plan is.  It's not dieting and going hungry, it's food optimising.  Re-educating ourselves into eating the right kind of foods and how we prepare them.  It doesn't stop you eating chocolate or other vices that may be your weakness, you just find that by eating properly, you don't want them as often or as much of them because you're full.    Christine :)

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