Saturday, 30 June 2012

JULY... hello Olympics

Wishing I had tickets now ... collecting stickers instead - how sad is that?  I declined when I had the opportunity, deciding to dog sit instead.  Never mind, I will just have to be glued to the TV, with craft on my knee.  Well done if you got tickets - ENJOY x

June Complete

Well what a month June was.  I EVENTUALLY managed to see the Olympic torch, but not on my first outing ... it went by in a car !!!!! what a swiz :(  The following week it was 20 miles away, and their local council were better at advertising exactly what part of the route wasn't in convoy mode and could be seen.  Glad I made the effort - it's not gonna happen again in my lifetime.
TURNER, MONET & TWOMBLY at the TATE Liverpool.  We were invited to this new exhibition of their later works ... not keen on Twombly, but a great night out if you get the opportunity.
Today we have tried to garden and got rained off three times with torrential bursts ... WHERE OH WHERE IS OUR SUMMER ??????

June complete