Thursday, 30 August 2012


Even though it's still August I normally have my months calendar page well under way, if not finished, at the beginning of the previous month.  Whilst I have a couple of days to spare, I've never cut it so fine, so perhaps next months will be late ???
Anyway a couple of weeks ago I decided that I could do a blackboard/chalkboard for the background, which also covered the ink spray that had bled through the Moleskine page from last month.  (Moleskine watercolour books don't bleed if you are using sprays).  As I've started in this journal I will have to continue with acrylic backgrounds so I get no more bleeds.  I was also bought as part of a birthday prezzie last month, a Lily of the Valley schoolboy, and this fits in just nicely.  I'm sticking with the same format and incorporating at least one character each page - that way I get to use stamps that haven't had an airing, and may not get another opportunity.
Whilst the pages are ready, we go on holiday on the 1st of September, so depending on if Kate has put her link up quickly, it may be the middle of the month before I put it on her blog, but you can tell from today's date that I was ready on time ... HONEST  :)  ... October may be a different story - awaiting inspiration for a theme :(

Happy crafting everyone and thanks for stopping by xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Had an amazing day at the Olympics and was really glad we had managed to get tickets and be a part of the whole experience.  Today was my birthday and what a let down that has been - felt depressed most of the day - perhaps after the hype of yesterday ?  I could do with skipping birthdays from now on !!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I started these pages last month and eventually I got around to completing it yesterday.  After my whining last month about not going to Olympics, well my sister and I bought some tickets  three weeks ago for the mens gymnastics on Friday ... whooopee :)  Cost an arm and a leg 'cos there were only the most expensive one's left, but we both convinced each other it was worth it - a once in a lifetime opportunity !!!!  So this month is starting off quite well, and it's my birthday the following day, I'm losing a bit of weight so all is sunny in my garden.  Hope all is well with you xx